All necklaces below: $22.00

The Ally
The Amanda
The Ashley

The Ava
 The Brittany

 The Brooke
 The Callee

 The Cassidy

 The Cassidy Grey

 The Elizabeth

  The Jaime
The Megan

The Mia
The Natalie

 The Sammi

The Sarah
Lengths of the necklaces:
ball chains: 19"
choker length: 18"
Mid Length:26"
Long Length: 32"

All chains are $15.00
The Faith
The Grace
The Savannah
The Cali
The Lily

 The Amelia
The Sailor
The Christine
The Heather
Large ball chain
Medium ball chain
The bronze ball chain
All charms can be added to any of our chains.

To add a bead to any chain - an additional $3.00 (example below)

To add a bauble  -$5.00
Bead cluster baubles: $8.00

Complete set Necklace ( can also be added to the bracelets)